Technical Support Page


1) Minimum System Requirements:

VERSION 2.0 or 2.5

IBM Compatible PC with a Pentium Processor, 32 MB RAM, Windows 95, 256 color display,  CD Rom drive, pointing device, single sheet feeding ink jet, postscript or HP compatible laser printer using an HP driver... Or just a pen and scissors.


2) Recommended System Requirements:

IBM Compatible PC with a Pentium 100 processor,32 MB RAM, Windows 95, HP compatible laser printer using an HP driver.

3) Installation Notes:

If you encounter and error when the CD's auto-run activates or while trying to run setup, browse to the win9598 directory and run the setup.exe located there. (version 2.0)    For version 2.5, browse to the myorect (long rectangular box) or myosqr (square box) directory and run setup.exe.

4) Application Notes:

**Check with your printer's manufacturer for an updated driver first.

** If you are using an HP compatible laser printer, you may need to load an HP driver to get all game components to print correctly.

** If you changed default printers with the program running, restart the program or you will not print correctly.

** If you are using a dot matrix printer, take care to make sure that you are correctly lining up the sheet feeder to feed the paper in accordance with the print area. As always, PRINT TEST SHEETS FIRST!!

5) Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When I print my box top title, the type is not expanding to fill the entire area of the label.   My printing on my sheets is going off of the edge of the paper and everything is too big.

A: If your printer is HP compatible, Change your printer driver to an HP driver. Try the HP3 or HP4L. To do this in Windows95 and above, go to the start menu, settings, printers and select the printer. With the printer selected, right-click and go to properties. You will be able to add a new driver from there.    Lexmark users:  Try changing your printer's resolution.  Also, always check with your printer's manufacturer for a newer driver.


Q: I get the message: Unable to display image. 

A: Change your display driver to the standard VGA driver. If you need instructions on this procedure, view the windows help file.


Q: Where can I find more images to add to my game?

A: There are lots and lots of images included on the CD Rom. You will find them organized by category.  Don't forget that you have to change the drive letter in the find image dialog box to the corresponding letter of your CD drive.


Q: I scanned in a picture to put into the play money, but when I print it, it seems to lock up the pc.

A: You probably have a postscript printer. Use a different printer or convert the scanned bmp images to .wmf if possible. You could also convert the bmps to black and white if possible. If you have the patience and the memory, your images will eventually print, but they may take a long time.


Q:I have an HP ink jet printer and I can't get the program to print to it. What could be wrong?

A: If you are using Version 1.0, certain HP 600 series ink jet printer drivers will not work. Try using the HP550C driver instead or download the latest version of the software for Windows 95/98.

(See Printer Tips for further help) 


Q: The ink from my ink jet printer seems to bead-up on both the green and the red label paper. What can I do?

A: Some ink jet printers have water based black ink. If your does, the best thing to do is to output your label on plain paper and then photocopy them onto the label paper. 

(See Printer Tips for further help) 


Q: I messed up one of my sheets. Now what do I do?

A: Call 1-630-860-2506 to order more paper or order it now by clicking on the ORDER button below.

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