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Chicago--- Frustrated game inventors now have a game to call their own. MAKE-YOUR-OWN-OPOLY* is the first board game which allows almost anyone to custom design their very own board game using just a pen and scissors or a computer with almost any simple ink jet  printer. The game kit contains everything needed to hand customize the game board, cards and play money for one completely unique real estate trading type board game. When finished, even the box will appear that it has been manufactured just for you, your family, your town, your school or any special purpose.

Created by Chicago based TDC Games, Inc., a well known maker of innovative board and party games, Make-Your-Own-Opoly could be the ultimate addition to anyone's collection of real estate trading games. Make-Your-Own-Opoly amounts to Anyone or Anything-Opoly and, with one innovative approach, seems to cover every customizable theme.

"We have had thousands of calls from people with new game ideas," says Sandy Bergeson, Creative Director of TDC Games. "Since ninety-five percent of them describe their ideas as being ‘sort of like Monopoly,’ we were confident that designing a simple kit to construct your own real estate trading game would reach a large potential market." The Make-Your-Own-Opoly kit includes everything needed to custom design a quality custom-made board game and moving pieces. After composing the titles of the game, deeded properties, game cards and play money, a series of peel & stick labels output by a home computer and then applied to the game’s box and board. If you have a scanneryou can even include your own picture on the play money or even on the moving pieces. The final product is only limited by your own imagination, and your skill at cutting and pasting.

"A game can be constructed by an amateur designer for almost any purpose." Says Larry Balsamo, President of TDC. "We have found that people not only give the game kit as a gift, but also use the kit to create personalized games to give as gifts to loved ones, friends or clients."

Make-Your-Own-Opoly is available in toy, gift, department, craft and specialty stores nationwide at a suggested retail price of $29.95.

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*"Make Your Own Opoly" is a registered trademark of Hasbro, Inc and is used under exclusive license.

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