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Since it was founded in 1984, TDC Games, Inc. has established an international reputation as the producer of innovative, trend setting, if somewhat zany, board games and jigsaw puzzles. True to its eclectic style, TDC enters its 29th season with new and completely diverse collection of high quality, but reasonably priced, game and puzzle products that now use the latest in communication technology.

New For 2013

SCAN GAMES, AMERICA'S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEO EDITION  uses QR code scanning technology to deliver instant, side-splitting videos for the whole family to enjoy in a board game format.

Suggested Retail - $22.95

THE GAME OF BALONEY will make skillful fibbers out of the whole family with hundreds of obscure facts and thousand of ways to lie about them.

Suggested Retail - $22.95

MAKIN' BACON DICE GAME proves that everything goes better with bacon, even a addictive little dice game that you just can't stop playing.

Suggested Retail - $7.00


Current TDC Game Products

CAMPBELL'S ALPHABET DIICE GAME  TDC has partnered with one the nation's foremost food brands to produce an innovative new anagram word game played with dice. Easy to learn, yet hard to master, Campbell's Dice Game contains 36 dice with 216 letters all whimsically package in a large soup can and has received eight major awards for design and game play.

Suggested Retail - $12.95

THE GREEN GAME  is the game that can actually "save the planet." and is loaded with over 450 questions that will challenge player's knowledge of all things green. Playing The Green Game actually educates player in what helps...and what might hurt the ecology of our planet. It is also a carbon neutral product. The small amount of materials that are not bio-degradable are offset by the 6 drink coasters included that will grow wildflowers after they are damp and are planted in soil.

Suggested Retail - $26.95

MAKE YOUR OWN-OPOLY is a kit that contains everything needed to produce one custom designed property trading style board game. There have been various City-opolys, College-opolys and Sports-opolys. Now you can have your own opoly by using a computer with any simple ink jet printer tocreate the board game you wish.

Suggested Retail - $29.95

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL, THE BASEBALL CARD GAME  actually simulates playing baseball, except with cards. Each specially designed 56 card deck is accompanied by a baseball diamond layout of a specific team. Die-hard fans can play each other in their home park. There are currently nine team specific editions with more to come next season.

Suggested Retail - $5.95

REMINISCING, The 21st Century Edition is new , updated edition of  "The Game for People Over Thirty," and has been a best-seller among the "thirtysomething plus" set for 20 years. Originally designed exclusively for players with more advanced experience at life, the game has now been expanded to include events, fads and memories from 1949 to 2009. It continues to challenge players to remember facts and events from their own personal past. Age is a distinct advantage playing REMINISCING. Although it now invites "anyone old enough to have a past" to play, it remains the one game on the market that continues to prove "older can be better."

Suggested Retail -$ 24.95

DIRTY MINDS, The Game of Naughty Clues has been TDCís best-selling mega-hit since1990. Test if you have a dirty mind, from the following clues: 1) Itís a four letter word. 2) Itís a name for a woman. 3) It ends in U-N-T... If your answer wasnít "Aunt", you have a Dirty Mind and will lose this game, because although the clues are highly suggestive, the answers are totally clean.

Suggested Retail - $ 20.00

DIRTY MINDS ULTIMATE EDITION  Now featuring four slightly naughty categories, the world's cleanest "dirty" game has been expanded to new levels of hilarity for mature adult players.

Suggested Retail - $29.95

DELUXE DIRTY MINDS, is the 15th Anniversary edition of the world's cleanest "dirty" game. This contains even more creatively wicked clues, along with the cleanest of answers. This one also includes the new catagory of "Dirt Deeds" to add to the fun.

Suggested Retail - $29.95

DIRTY MINDS, The Card Game  is the latest, and least expensive, edition of "the world's cleanest 'dirty' game". 

Suggested Retail -$ 9.95

SENIOR MOMENTS. You Can't Remember the Last Time You Played a Game Like This  is a memory game for those who might need the practice. Since you're never too young to have a senior moment, the game is suggested for all ages and also contains some hilarious senior moments contributed by people of all ages.

Suggested Retail Price - $24.95

GREED has been one of the most addictive dice games around for almost two decades. TDC has reintroduced a highly affordable version of this classic scoring dice game that is now available on countertops from coast to coast. Players roll the dice to pile up the highest total score, but being too greedy can result in immediate disaster.

Suggested Retail - $6.95

PARTY GAMES IN A CAN A.K.A. "Instant Parties, Just Add People," popping open one or more these three cans will instantly liven up any party.

Suggested Retail -$ 7.95

Current Jigsaw Puzzles

THE WORLD'S MOST DIFFICULT JIGSAW PUZZLES are the latest addition to TDC's highly successful line specialty jigsaw puzzles. Each features a double sided puzzle with teh same image on both sides, but the backside has been turned 90 degrees. Diabolically, each piece has been cut indenticly from both sides so that even the most prolific puzzler will not be able to tell whuich side... or which piece... is up.

Suggested Retail -$ 16.95

THE WORLD'S SMALLEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL PUZZLES  are the latest addition to TDC's highly successful line of record-setting miniature puzzles that each feature 234 pieces in only 4x6 inches.

Suggested Retail -$ 9.95

COLLEGE FOOTBALL-SHAPED JIGsAW PUZZLES are college football team specific 550 piece puzzles in the shape of a football.

Suggested Retail Price - $14.95

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL USA-SHAPED JIGSAW PUZZLE is entitled "Baseball Across America" and contains all Major League and a sampling of Minor League logos laid out br location on a 1,000 piece, 26 inch wide map shaped puzzle of America.

Suggested Retail Price - $6.95

GREEN PIECES, Earth Friendly Jigsaw Puzzles are a series of 500 piece eco-messaged jigsaw puzzles that feature pieces that will actually grow wildflowers. The series of four initial titles each are composed of thousand of mosaic images that each form a larger image... and make an ecological statement. These are the first puzzle products are 100% recycled, renewable, bio-degradable and carbon neutral. They will actually grow wild flower when planted and watered.

The World's Smallest Jigsaw Puzzles  are each only 4 inches by 6 inches in total size, but contain 234 pieces making them the smallest jigsaw puzzles ever to be die-cut. (Guinness record pending) Each of  initial series of the puzzles also contains a tweezers to help you grip the incredibly tiny pieces for assembly. They each make for a small, but extremely daunting puzzle experience.

Suggested Retail Price - $6.95

THE WORLD'S SMALLEST MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL JIGSAW PUZZLES are team specific additions to TDC's line of the smallest jigsaw puzzles ever to be die-cut, with 234 pieces in only 4 x 6 inches.(Guinness record pending)

Suggested Retail Price - $6.95

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL PENNANT-SHAPED JIGSAW PUZZLES are team specific puzzles in the shape of a pennant. After assembled, they can be hung on a wall just like other pennants.

Suggested Retail Price - $14.95

The Alphabet Murder Mystery Puzzle Series each features two 500 piece puzzles mixed in the same bag. Each puzzle represents the before and after picture of a crime scene. After assembling the puzzles, players must solve the crime.

Suggested Retail - $14.95

NIGHT AND DAY PANORAMA PUZZLES each features two 500 piece panoramic puzzles contain  images of the same city taken at different moments in time. The puzzles have been mixed in the same bag to increase the difficulty.

Suggested Retail - $14.95


More Products

THE QUAD CUBE is a cube-type, three dimensional puzzle that features four nested cubes each with four cubes within it. As the puzzle is turned and twisted, it morphs into hundreds of different shapes. Quad Cube can be up to four times more challenging than other cube puzzles.

Suggested Retail Price - $15.99


Company History

Formed in 1984 by Chicago writers Larry Balsamo and Sandra Bergeson, TDC Games, Inc. has established a reputation for creating innovative board games with a zany twist. TDCís games have become known not only for their marketability, but also for a noticeably wry sense of humor that runs throughout line. Currently servicing over 4,000 retailers both large and small throughout the United States and Canada, TDC products are also distributed throughout the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Although most game and puzzle concepts are developed within the company, successful licensing arrangement have also been arranged with the NFL, NASCAR, Fox Television, ABC-Touchstone Television, Major League Baseball. Precious Moments and Where's Waldo and Campbell's Soup among many others.

The TDC Creative Team


Creativity has always been second nature to Larry Balsamo. "Iíve never actually had a real job," he boasts. "Iíll write anything for money." Balsamo has founded a string of rather eccentric business ventures. He has designed and operated two rock night clubs, one of them world famous. Heís been a professional musician, then a stage magician. He founded an astoundingly successful singing telegram business which required the writing of over 50,000 personalized lyrics. He co-wrote the funny, but obscure, Preppie Comedy Album. Then, hoping to make a couple of bucks on the side, he co-wrote the ADULTRIVIA game. It went on to sell over 1 million units and established TDC GAMES as a true game industry presence. Over forty other slightly off-the-wall, somewhat counter-cultural game projects have followed. Although Larryís approach to product design is cutting edge if sometimes controversial, and his methods considered somewhat eccentric, he says thereís just one thing that keeps him going through it all, "These darn things sell like crazy!"

SANDY BERGESON, Creative Director

Sandy Bergeson is a true virtuoso of the arts. She is a former member of the Chicago Lyric Opera and New York City Opera companies and has had a starring role in an Off-Broadway musical. Marriage, children and settling down to the Chicago suburbs led her to a creative association with Larry Balsamo at Hey Wires Singing Telegrams. Sandy churned out custom lyrics with Balsamo, while also performing the zany personalized messages to everyone from grease monkeys to the President of the United States. She also was a theater critic on the radio and an entertainment writer for Copley Newspapers, while writing the I Hate to Diet Dictionary in between. In 1984, she mentioned to Balsamo that an adult version of trivia might be a good idea. The rest is history... and TDC GAMES. The creative combination of Bergeson and Balsamo has accounted for the majority of TDCís product success rate. Says Bergeson, who also found the time to pick up a Masterís Degree along the way, "We probably qualify as Americaís most obscure successful writing team."


TDC Game Product Chronology

1984 ADULTRIVIA, Balsamo/Bergeson
1985 ADULTRIVIA II, Balsamo/Benker/Bergeson
1986 B.S., The Game, Balsamo/Bergeson
1986 Sexual Dilemmas, Balsamo/Bergeson/Keenan
1987 The Couch Potato Game, Balsamo/Bergeson
1988 The Junior Couch Potato Game, Balsamo/Bergeson
1988 The Stupid Game, Balsamo/ Bergeson
1988 The Big Picture Game, Balsamo/Bergeson
1988 Sexual Secrets, Balsamo/Bergeson
1989 Reminiscing, Balsamo/ Bergeson
1989 Improv Comedy Game, Balsamo/Benker/Bergeson
1990 Family, The Game, Balsamo/Bergeson
1990 DIRTY MINDS, Balsamo/Bergeson
1991 Falsies, Balsamo/Bergeson
1991 More DIRTY MINDS, Balsamo/Bergeson
1992 HARASSMENT, Balsamo/ Bergeson
1992 STUDS, Balsamo/Benker/Bergeson
1992 ADULTRIVIA, The 90ís Edition, Balsamo/Bergeson
1993 THE CARTOON GAME, Balsamo/Bergeson
1993 DIRTY MONEY, Balsamo/Bergeson
1993 Bedroom Adventures- "Raptureís Voyage," Lawrence
1994 Everything You Never Wanted to Know about Sex, Balsamo/Bergeson
1994 The Book of Indecent Proposals, Balsamo/Bergeson
1994 TALK DIRTY TO ME, Balsamo/Bergeson
1995 THE GAME OF TOP TEN LISTS, Balsamo/Bergeson/et al
1995 SIX PACK OF PARTY GAMES, Balsamo/Bergeson
1995 NFL-OPOLY, Mantanes/USA Games
1996 SIX PACK OF DRINKING GAMES, Balsamo/Bergeson
1997 CHECKPOINT Road Rally Game, Balsamo/Dorner/Warner
1998 TWISTED GOLF, Balsamo/Bergeson/et al
1998 Reminiscing, The Millenium Edition, Balsamo/ Bergeson
1998 Make Your Own-Opoly, Clark/Balsamo
1999 NASCARDS, Balsamo
1999 The Jerry Springer Game, Balsamo, Bergeson
2000 GREED, The Hottest Game on Dice, Morgan/Hackett
2000 CHOPSTIX, The Oriental Stacking Game, Willis
2000 Dealing With Murder, "Fatal Error", Balsamo
2000 Dealing With Murder, "Dead & Breakfast", Steigmeyer
2000 The Bachelorette Party Game, Randle
2000 Practice To Be A Millionaire, Balsamo/Bergeson
2001 Reminiscing, The Movie Edition. Balsamo/Bergeson
2001 Who's in the Bag, Ferris Heywood
2001 A is for Arson Puzzle, Randle
2001 B is for Bullet Puzzle, Randle
2001 C is for Chocolate Puzzle, Randle
2002 Before & After Jigsaw Puzzles
2002 Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle, Balsamo, Clark
2002 SKRIBBLE , Randle
2002 D is for Diamonds, Randle
2002 E is for Espresso, Balsamo, Steigmeyer
2002 Who Do You Do, Balsamo, Bergeson
2003 Senior Moments, Balsamo, Bergeson
2003 Make Your Own Dart Board, Balsamo
2003 F is for Feline, Balsamo, Steigmeyer
2004 B is for Birthday, Balsamo, Bergeson
2004 Caribbean Stud/Texas Hold'Em, Mikohn, Balsamo
2004 Let It Ride/Three Card Poker, Shufflemaster, Balsamo
2004 Night & Day Jigsaw Puzzles, Balsamo, Bergeson, Et al
2004 Dogspirations Jigsaw Puzzles, Balsamo, Bergeson, Et al
2005 Senior Moments, Balsamo Bergeson
2005 Deluxe Dirty Minds, Balsamo, Bergeson
2005 G is for Golf, Balsamo, Bergeson
2006 Size Matters, Random Games, Balsamo, Bergeson
2006 Chess for Dummies, Wiley, Balsamo
2006 Sudoku2, Balsamo et al
2006 Portable Puzzles, Balsamo, Bergeson
2006 Collapsible Puzzle Roll-ups, Balsamo
2006 LOST Mystery Puzzles, ABC Television, Balsamo, Bergeson
2007 Man Laws & Woman Rules, Balsamo, Bergeson
2007 Jigsaw Puzzles for Dummies, Wiley, Balsamo, Bergeson, Et al
2007 Visible Puzzles, Balsamo, Bergeson, Et al
2007 Unforgetaball! Collectible Baseballs, Wolfson
2008 JIGSAW 3D Puzzles, Balsamo Et al
2008 BONEHEAD Game, Balsamo Bergeson
2008 SEXY SECRETS Game, Balsamo, Bergeson
2008 USA Shaped Puzzles, Balsamo
2008 Unforgettaballs, Wolfson
2008 X-CUBE, various
2008 Tiny Kung Fu Masters, various
2008 QUAD- CUBE, various
2009 REMINISCING 21St Century Edition, Balsamo, Bergeson
2009 THE GREEN GAME, Balsamo, Bergeson
2009 HUMMEL PUZZLES, Hummel, Balsamo
2009 300-600-1200 PUZZLES, Balsamo, Bergeson, Et al
2009 World's Smallest Jigsaw Puzzles, Balsamo, Et al
2009 I is for Internet Mystery Puzzle, Balsamo, Bergeson
2010 CHAOS Card Game, Balsamo, Bergeson
2010 Dirty Minds Card Game Balsamo, Bergeson
2010 Major League Baseball, The Baseball Card Game, MLB, Balsamo, Et al
2010 Major League Baseball Pennant Puzzles, MLB, Balsamo Et al
2010 World's Smallest Major League Baseball Puzzles MLB, Balsamo, Et al
2010 Where's Waldo Puzzles, Hanford, Balsamo, Bergeson
2010 Precious Moments Puzzles, Sam B., Balsamo, Bergeson
2011 Campbell's Alphabet Dice Game, Balsamo, Et al
2011 JIGSAWBALL Spherical Jigsaw Puzzles, Scott, Balsamo
2011 World's Smallest College Football Puzzles, Balsamo, Et al
2011 College Football-Shaped Puzzles, Balsamo, Et al
2012 Dirty Minds Ultimate Edition, Balsamo, Bergeson
2012 Party Games in a Can, Balsamo, Bergeson
2012 The World's Most Difficult Jigsaw Puzzles, D. Scott
2013 SCAN GAMES America's Funniest Home Videos Edition, Balsamo, Et al
2013 The Game of Baloney, Balsamo, Bergeson
2013 The Game of Makin' Bacon, Balsamo



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